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And Their Australia Money Transfer Guide

Major Currencies Provided By These Companies:




Australian Dollar


Eurozone Euro


Great Britain Pound


United States Dollar



New Zealand Dollar


Canadian Dollar


Japanese Yen


United Arab Emirates Dirham

Note: These are the most common currencies that are traded with the Australian Dollar. All companies recommended by us on this website support all of those. Overall World First handles 150 different currencies, OFX, Currencies Direct and TorFX handle more than 60, and Moneycorp handles more than 50 currencies. 


Sending Money from Australia?

View our top country-specific guides below:

If you want to make a personal transfer from or to Australia, have a look at the following demonstration that conveys vast amount of money you can save with our recommended money transfer services. View client experiences at Blog.



Expected Saving for Transfers of AUD 100,000 to GBP / USD/ NZD/ EUR 

  Representing average fees incurred through wire fees and exchange rate fees. 

Cash Remittances Providers - All Fees: AU$4,500
Banks Wire Transfers - All Fees: AU$2,800
Money Transfer Companies - All Fees: AU$800




Private Clients Sector – Who Can Benefit The Most?



Expats In Australia

Many countries have won the title “The land of infinite opportunities” over the years, but Australia has definitely demonstrated over time that it’s a terrific place to live in.

With a strong economy ranking 12th in the world in GDP, and an advanced social juridical system in place, you can expect wonderful things if you move Down Under. Stunning views, incredible beaches, top 15 educational system, friendly peoplebeautiful ladies, and it’s easy to get a visa if you are from other commonwealth countries. (read more about moving to Australia, or visa to Australia here).

Expats who live in Australia in one of 5 large expat communities in the country, need to move money internationally between their domestic and overseas bank accounts on a regular basis, and can save plenty of money using the right providers.



The Australian market has been one of the most lucrative, and profitable, markets over the past 15 years, and in particular with real estate, climbing about 6% year-by-year since the 90’s. Another popular investment opportunity is the stock market which made an incredible leap forward over the past 5 years. There are a lot of clients who invest in Australia, as well as a significant number of Australians investing abroad.

Moving large sums of money through commercial FX companies is a great idea – the larger the transaction is, the better currency exchange rate you can negotiate. Additional Audiences: Business clients can look at our corporate fx & heding guide.

Australian Expats Abroad

It is estimated there are 1,000,000 Aussies living abroad. About 50% live in Europe in various Eurozone countries, and 30% of them resides in the UK and in the USA. The rest are are spread across the rest of the world – from nearby NZ, to far places like Israel, Dubai and China.

What’s common between all Australians who live abroad is the fact a significant amount of their income is transferred into Australia, or a part of their pension/rent is sent from Australia to where they currently reside. This regular monthly transfer would cost more than AU$250 on average and can be reduced by more than 50%.


Ready to Send Money Abroad or Repatriate Funds from Abroad?  




 What’s the best way to transfer money to Australia? 

Banking, Remittances, and Commercial Foreign Exchange in Australia:

When living in Australia as an expat or a local, it is important to be very well aware of the different options that you have when it comes to banking, remittances, and currency foreign exchange within Australia. Here are some key aspects to base your search for the ideal way to transfer money:



  1. Complete an Assessment of Which Method Has the Best Sign Up Process:

The sign up process is essential if you are looking to transfer money quickly. For banking, Australia’s top four major banks are: the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ANZ Bank, Westpac, and National Australia Bank. What is great about the banking culture in Australia is that regardless if you are in Sydney or on the border of the Outback, the banks do want to help expatriates. That being said, in order to complete any transfer, you will have to open a bank account with proof of address, your passport, and a bank statement from the last three months.

Another viable option within Australian are currency transfer companies. What is important to remember about these companies is that they do require lengthy paperwork and documentation. Thus, it is best to not plan a same week transfer with these, but the good news is that they do deal with the Australian Dollar.

Lastly, remittance companies such as MoneyGram and Western Union do exist in the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, for example. Thus, if you have a one time transfer, this is an easy way to transfer your cash abroad because you do not have to sign up.

  1. Make Sure You Are Aware of Any Limits on Transfer Amounts:

If you would like to transfer money abroad from an Australian bank, be prepared to have an account; however, the daily limit is not as low as you would think. For example, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia sets the daily limit at $2,000 for international money transfers; however, one can request a daily limit of up to $50,000 if they show a powerful reason to do so. In this case, it is best to rely on the daily $2,000 limit due to the strict crack down on anti-money laundering measures.

If you decide to work with any of the currency transfer companies, there truly is no limit to the amount that you can transfer. What is important to remember is to really shop around with the rate so that you can get the best price for your Australian Dollar. Many of these companies do have offices in Australia’s major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Thus, it may be worthwhile to go in person if you are transferring a considerable about of capital.

For remittances, the daily limit is usually between $2,000 and $3,000 cash that can be transferred per day due to anti-money laundering regulations. These companies, although they are not known for their customer service, are a quick and uncomplicated way to send money abroad without having an extensive membership process.

For the expatriate or local living in Australia, there are so many reliable currency transfer services to work with including: banks, currency transfer companies, and remittance companies. Thus, if you are considering doing one of those wonderful working holiday opportunities for foreigners in Australia or have decided to obtain permanent residency in Australia, there are many wonderful institutions to be of service to your international currency transferring needs.




Signing Up with Global Money Transfer Companies – The Process

Signing up with a money transfer company might take a little bit of time and be not as straightforward and quick as we would like it to be. Of course, that if you are moving large volumes and/or trading frequently, it’s worth your hassle, but if you aren’t (or in a rush to transfer) you can consider doing it through the bank.

Here is the process of transferring or repatriating money with FX services:

1. Fill in your details, get a representative quote via telephone or via online platform.

2. If you like the price you’ve been getting, you need to complete your registration. If you are from anywhere in Europe, you only need to show a utility bill (whereas in the UK you don’t need to supply anything but your details). If you’re USA-based you might be required to present some additional data in accordance with Task Force on Money Laundering.

3. After registration is complete, you can get an updated quote via telephone or via the online platform. You can lock the price you are offered in an instance – as soon as you accept the quote, it will not change, and you will have up to 5 days to send your money to the FX company via domestic wire. Please note, agreeing to a verbal quote is legally binding, similar to signing a contract.

4. After your money has been transferred to a segregated account (separated from the company’s current accounts), it will be exchanged and transferred to its destination.

Limitations: Currency brokerages, or Foreign Exchange firms, are more specialised towards large transfers. In fact, there are transfer limits with each of the companies. With Currency Solutions the minimum transfer amount is AUD $5,000, but Currencies Direct are more flexible and transfer also as little as AUD $100.

There is no upper limit at all, which means you can transact hundreds of thousands through their online platform or telephone. 

Ready to Send Money Abroad or Repatriate Funds from Abroad?