The Australian real estate market is absolutely brimming with promise. From the incredible economy to being a location with some of the best cities in the world (like Sydney, Perth and Melbourne), moving to Australia would be one of the smartest moves you ever make. Let’s look into why Australia is such a desirable country to not only buy property in, but to work and live at:



 – Great property prices

 The Australian real estate market has some real gems on offer. Homes by the waterfront in Sydney harbor often go from 20 to 40 million dollars. A six-bedroom home called Villa del Mare recently fetched the record sum of $39-million. Another home in Point Piper (which used to belong to Julia Ross), was also sold for the eye-watering price of $39-million. Properties in Point Piper, Bellevue Hill and Mosman usually hit the double-million digits, but provide some of the best views and most temperate climates in the world.


– Dream houses

 Homes such as “The Dreaming” on Palm Beach are like hotels onto itself, with views that open out into the ocean. These sort of properties can be rented out for $20 000 per week. Other properties such as the Windsor Castle in Paddington have four levels and come with its own indoor gym and sauna. Truly a treat for anyone who can afford the 100’s of millions it costs to own.

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– Affordable for everyone

 Those looking for a more affordable section of Australia to purchase property from should look at these spots in Melbourne like Epping, Sunshine, Casey City and Dandenong City, Logan City and Ipswich.


– Flexible mortgage rates

 The Australian real estate market benefits from extremely flexible mortgage rates, as the interest rate is lower than ever before. Australians have been using this to swoop in and purchase property at record rates, something you should consider doing as well. Instead of moving your money into sorting out your debt (for instance), it may be wiser to purchase a home in Australia while the getting is good.


– Freedom to succeed

 Australia is an incredibly multicultural society where everyone is practically a foreigner. This means that you get a fair chance to succeed and where it’s possible to find a job based on your skills alone. It’s also an English speaking country so you won’t need to worry about learning a new language if you’re planning to migrate there. That’s why the Australian real estate market performs so well there, as there’s no barrier to communication meaning that it’s easier to barter for a better price.

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– Safe as houses

 Australia has been voted as one of the safest countries to live in on a yearly basis, beating out countries such as the U.K. (which has been ranked as the 10th safest place to live). As such, life expectancy is an incredible 82 years on average, while most Australians have a higher-than average disposable income. Plus, it’s all year round sunshine. Australia also has incredible natural resources to explore such as the Great Barrier Reef.

 So scan the Australian real estate market listings today, choose a prime spot and get on over to one of the best countries in the world.