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Why was this website created?

The reason for creating this website is that we (the site’s owners and staff) have first-handed felt the difficulties of transferring substantial amounts of money internationally. We have all moved abroad, made business abroad, bought things abroad (property and commerce), and we’ve witnessed how banks bite into our pocket, a dime at a time.

We went online and discovered a wonderful world of FX companies. Companies that will make the currency transfer, and conduct the transfer on your behalf. Upon using such companies and saving, we have decided we want to step into the market.

We know the needs and requirements of individuals and businesses sending money abroad, and we want to help. Of course we had a commercial intent in this, thinking that not only can we address our clients’ needs, we can also make money by being affiliated to particular companies performing this service. Our research has conduct Currencies Direct would be our best partner, so we set up a deal with them and we can compensated everytime someone we sent them transacts.


How did it evolve?

After deciding to step into the market of online money transfers, and to provide advise, we have decided to focus on a specific region, namely Australia. What we saw is that even great infomration portals, like ourselves, that review online money transfer companies sort of lack the local notion.

This is how we started writing about topics like the real estate market, moving to Australia, Visa requirements, and even about transferring money to the nearest neighboring country – New Zealand.

We have also conducted a comprehensive research trying to collect the best web links available on Australia and everything about it.

I mean getting an all-around advice on the offering each company has, and compare between exchange rates, is great. Yet, we have concluded many people (ourselves included) would prefer to get a comprehensive experience relating to their money’s destination.