Biggest Expat Communities in Australia

Australia is attracting plenty of expats because of its labour initiative to fill an enormous population gap in their workplace. Additionally, Australia is attracting expats who want a pleasant locale with nice people to retire. For this reason, there have been many cities in Australia developing expat communities. Here are the top five expat communities in Australia:



Sydney is truly a world-class city that does have a plethora of professional opportunities for expats. In addition to Australia’s famous working holiday visa, Sydney offers a wide range of real estate options ranging from posh apartments to family homes. Sydney is also a great location for travel given how Sydney has a sensational airport that can fly all over the world. What also makes Sydney so special is that it is the financial and economic centre of Australia that also possesses opera/theatre, sensational restaurants, and wine tasting all nearby. It is for this reason that expatriates looking for a world-class city have flocked to Sydney.


Melbourne is Australia’s second-largest city and has a wonderful balance between work opportunities, culture, and a high quality of life. For this reason, Melbourne has truly attracted expats from all over the world, which makes for a fascinating social scene while still living in an English-speaking country.


Even though Adelaide is a second-tier city, it has a sizeable expatriate population, particularly in the health care sector. Adelaide is the city to choose if you are not interested in an enormous city, but still want to enjoy some cultural attractions and fine restaurants. This is why Adelaide has attracted the expat looking for something smaller and more peaceful.


Perth is an interesting candidate on this list given that it is on the opposite side of Australia. Perth used to be very geographically isolated, which has forced the city to build up its own infrastructure and culture. For this reason, Perth has a very unique culture that has also has made room for a sizable expat community.

>Australia is surely the country to watch for expats because the government has made visas much easier to come by due to the labour shortage. This has opened up opportunities for expats to move to and stay in Australia who previously would not have been able to do so.