Transfer Money From Australia To China – Best AUD/CNY Rates

Whether you are an Australian expat living in China, or a Chinese expat living on the Australian continent, you’re probably well aware of the huge costs involved in sending money overseas, from one country to another. Whether you’re sending AUD to China or CNY to Australia, you’ve probably had to deal with the high fees and unfair exchange rates practised by modern banks.

Because of these high transfer costs, a growing number of expats or tourists are beginning to choose the services offered by commercial FX firms instead of using banks to transfer their money. Using FX firms come with a wide range of benefits, enabling you to cut transfer costs while gaining the peace of mind that your money is safe.


Best Companies to Send Money Between Australia and China

Friendliest Website, Platform and Staff
Editorial Rating 99.6%
  • Very Friendly and Helpful Service
  • Very Easy to Register
  • Excellent Website
  • Experienced Staff
  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • Close to 100% Positive Feedback
  • No Trading App
Only in Australia
Min transfer
A$100 or eq.
Trading via
Australia United States United Kingdom China
Best Online Platform
Editorial Rating 97.3%
  • Global Approach with 30+ Offices Worldwide
  • 150,000+ Clients
  • Zero Fees from Everywhere
  • Extremely Easy Sign Up from Australia
Min transfer
£/€/$ 100
Trading via
Australia United States United Kingdom China
+ 6 more
  • Spain Spain
  • France France
  • Portugal Portugal
  • India India
  • South Africa South Africa
  • Canada Canada
Best FX Company to Transfer Money to China from Australia
Editorial Rating 95.6%
  • Publicly Traded Firm in ASX
  • 94% Customer Satisfaction
  • Australian Born and Bred
  • 24/7 Customer Support
Min transfer
£/€/$ 100
Trading via
Australia United States United Kingdom China
+ 3 more
  • New Zealand New Zealand
  • Canada Canada
  • Singapore Singapore
Best FX Company to Transfer Money from China to Australia
Editorial Rating 97.3%
  • Industry Veteran and Leader
  • 9/10 Customers Worldwide are Happy with the Service
  • Easy System to Sign Up and Get Quoted Online
  • Fully Functional Online Trading and Mobile App
  • Doesn't accept clients from Australia and New Zealand
Min transfer
£/€/$ 50
Trading via
Australia United States United Kingdom China
+ 8 more
  • France France
  • Spain Spain
  • Ireland Ireland
  • Hong Kong Hong Kong
  • Brazil Brazil
  • Gibraltar Gibraltar
  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • Romania Romania


Money Transfers in and out of China

Most Australian real estate investors recognize that China is a fertile land for real estate investments. Over time, this market has fluctuated quite a lot in China, coming with serious drops in 2010, 2014 and 2017. It seems that now, during the COVID-19 crisis, the market has dropped again considerably, but it is poised to grow once more. Over time, the real estate market in China represents a huge business opportunity for Australian investors.

Nevertheless, even if you might find a great house that will bring you a hefty profit in a few years, you’ll probably have to deal with staggering costs, since you’ll have to make regular transfers to China and back to Australia. For a property worth AUD500,000, you’ll probably have to pay over AUD10,000 in fees and exchange rates.

The best way to cut these taxes and pay less is to choose an FX transfer company instead of a bank. With one of these transfer companies, you’ll only have to pay around AUD2,500 instead of AUD10,000.


Australians in China – A Report

There are 55,000 Australians in China, most of them living in developed regions and cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. As for visitors, China is one of the top destinations for Aussies, because it can offer so many tourist attractions and is considered to be extremely exotic. Australians need a visa in order to visit China or to relocate to this large country.

Chinese in Australia – A Report

While Aussies prefer to visit the mainland, Chinese tourists prefer to visit the island of Australia and some even remain there. According to the latest statistics, there are over 1.5 million Chinese living in Australia, with their number constantly on the rise. Chinese relocate to Australia for numerous reasons, including work, travel, education, business or investment. However, they need visas for visiting, working or relocating to Australia.

AUD/CNY Pairing

The Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY) has managed to constantly gain on the AUD. If 9 years ago 1 AUD equalled 6.9 CNY, now the same AUD is 4.47 CNY. While the AUD is the 5th most traded currency on the globe, the CNY is the 8th, being pretty close to its Australian counterpart.


The Australia-China economic relations are strong and have been growing more year after year. If in 2008, the two-side trade totalled $73.8 billion, in 2011 the number was already passing the $121 billion mark. This has allowed for the creation of direct flights from a number of cities in China to five different Australian cities. China Southern Airlines has its pilot training facilities in Australia for many years.

There is no doubt that both the Chinese and Australian markets represent fertile grounds for investment and relocation. Whether you’re moving to China to invest in real estate or relocating to Australia, it is imperative to benefit from the best transfer fees. Use a commercial FX transfer instead of a bank and you’ll be able to save thousands of AUD for each transfer.

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Transfer regulations

According to Anti Money Laundering Laws, the financial institutions in China need to report all transactions, in or out of the country, within a day and should not exceed 50,000 RMB. For cross-border fund transfers, money in and out of individual customers that exceed 200 000 RMB should be reported. Chinese citizens have a limit on the amount of converted or purchased foreign currency per year which is $50,000. This limit also applies to money being sent out of China.

Luckily, the FX companies listed in our money transfer comparison at the top of this page will take care of the bureaucracy and will consult and guide you step-by-step throughout the whole process. They are updated with the laws that target international money transfer to or from China.


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