Moving to Australia

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A British Expat’s Guide to Australia

For any citizen of the UK who plans to move to a new country, whether is for employment, change or lifestyle or to turn a new leaf; the Country of Australia is one of the obvious choices. Australia was a part of the British Colonial Empire ever since its discovery and has been in close proximity with the UK ever since.

Whether it is ease of business or travel to the Australian subcontinent, the British and Australians have been cooperative ever since. A majority of the Australians today are of British descent; whether they are Cornish Australians, English Australians, Welsh Australians or others. The estimated number of Britons who live in Australia is 1.27 million and the number keeps growing every year with more Britons moving from the UK to Australia.


What Attracts Britons To Australia

What attracts the Britons to the Land Down Under can differentiate with all the diverse natural as well as urban elements Australia has to offer. While some may love the sunny beaches of the Gold Coast, the tropical forests and exotic wildlife can be the centre of attraction for some. The 6th largest nation of Australia has only 22 million inhabitants which leave immense space for an adventurous and active lifestyle that some Britons may wish to seek. Moving to Australia is an easy choice for most Britons since the greatest advantage is of the communication bridge since the national language of Australia is English. You can find large, predominantly British, communities in Australia in various locations. In fact, Australia is considered for many as the real land of opportunities with an almost perfect equality, as follows

GINI Index for Australia | FindTheData


British And Australian Cultural Differences

Although you may speak the same language as a fellow Australian (the accent and speaking style varies) there are some cultural and other differences between the British and Australians. You would find the Australian tradition and culture quite similar to the British since Australia is a former British colony, but Australians tend to be less formal in comparison. You might find Australian culture a mixture American influence in language but of course the metric system will be a relaxing sight. The public holidays may somewhat be different except the traditional Christian Holidays which are celebrated worldwide. With the beautiful coast lines that stretch for thousands of miles, the “beach life” will be a change of sight when moving from the UK to Australia. Apart from the conversational styles and a rather laid back lifestyle compared to the English, moving from the UK to Australia should not be as big of a transition as it would be moving to any other country.

The climate between the UK and Australia largely differs as snow is a rare occurrence in Australia; it is quite common in the UK. This creates a difference between the dressings styles between the two countries, the culinary habits in the two countries slightly vary too. If you are a fan of sports, you will be a part of cricketing action since Australia has a world class International Cricket Team but the regional Football Clubs is something that you may miss when moving to Australia.


Economy And Cost Of Living In Australia

Moving from the UK to Australia needs to be a planned approach and comparing the finances and economy of the two regions is the best way to do that. The local currency of Australia is AUD (Australian Dollar) which 1.90 compared to 1 GBP (Great British Pound) and the cost of living in Australia is generally compared to be higher than that of the UK. The rent prices in Australia are 26.92% higher than that of the UK and the Groceries prices in Australia are 11.75% higher compared to the UK.

However, the power bills in Australia are 13% lower compared to the UK. According to Numbeo, purchasing a 3 bedroom house even in the Sydney suburbs would cost you more than a million in Australian dollars. However, the mortgage rates have been on a decline in the major city areas for apartments from $10,000 to $6,000 per square meter. Australia is a growing powerhouse economy which provides job opportunity in all the cities across the country.

Economy And Cost Of Living In Australia

The country of Australia was the first to recover from the depression of 2008 and has been blooming since then. When moving to Australia for work, you need to have a work visa. Your skills will be assessed by the Australian Skills Recognition Information (ASRI) which would allow you to find a job in Australia based on the qualifications you have acquired in the UK. For qualified British expats, finding a decent paying job in the major cities such as Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne or even in Tasmania should not be hard. With many online portals for job vacancies in Australia, you can apply online and find the one that suits you best. Australia has a thriving mining industry which is requires workers in different regions around the country. Australia is also a global educational hub which houses one of the most renowned universities in the world. Many British students, who move to Australia fall in love with the diverse lifestyle and culture and settle down here.


Trend Of Britons Moving To Australia

The UK has always been at the top of the European economy status, with a recent setback that has put the nation to second position in regard to economic growth. However with the increasing economic pressure and rising living standards, individuals as well as families are moving out of the UK to different parts of the world. Britons moving to Australia seek for a more luxurious and open lifestyle which the diverse country is able to provide. A recent report by the United Nations revealed that most of the Britons migrate to Australia for the warm and sunny lifestyle and higher life expectancy, followed by the United States and then Canada.

Australian Life Expectancy Over Time | FindTheData

However, statistics suggest that British are now also migrating towards the Eastern European countries of Slovakia and Czech Republic with a rising number every year. The statistics show that Australia is the most preferred country for migrating Britons and has been for a very long time. Britons moving to Australia can expect radical environmental and traditional change yet with the British Colonial essence still alive in the Australian culture.