Transferring money to New Zealand from Australia

Sending money to New Zealand is just as easy as sending money to Australia. The history between the pair is rich. So far in 2020, daily NZ to Aus dollars trades and Aus to NZ dollars trades have averaged at 186,574 – more than any other AUD currency pair, including US dollar, which has averaged 158,265 trades a day in 2020*. Despite how common Aus to NZ is, Australian expats living in New Zealand and New Zealand expats living in Australia have surely realised how much they can lose on transfers between the two countries. Banks will charge the highest fees and offer the worst foreign exchange rates, despite promising the best service. Don’t be surprised at fees of more than AUD20 for even small Australia to NZ dollar transfers to New Zealand. Top commercial, non-bank, options of sending a wire between Australia and NZ below:

Best way to transfer money to New Zealand

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Money transfer when buying property in New Zealand

Many expats (or even those currently residing in Australia) spend on more than just day-to-day needs. New Zealand has many options for passive investment. Real estate is just one of them, and it’s the most popular. Today, the average house in Auckland, New Zealand will lighten your pocket of over NZD700,000. It’s a worthwhile investment though, with rental fees in Auckland generating NZD2,000 on average every month. Big investments between the two countries will require regular transfers of sizable amounts.

When you use your bank for these international money transfers to New Zealand, you’ll pay approximately NZD14,000 extra for one property! Independent money transfer companies will be significantly cheaper with markups of only 0.5% or less for a transfer this big. That comes to NZD3,500 in fees. 

Australians in New Zealand – a report

Can Australians buy property in New Zealand?

Being close neighbours and culturally similar, there are many Australians moving to New Zealand. At present, there are approximately 70,000 Australians living in New Zealand. The Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement enables Australians and New Zealanders to migrate between Australia and New Zealand. Migration used to be far more common from New Zealand to Australia than the other way round, but over the past few years, the tide has changed. Australians are moving to New Zealand due to its soaring economy and political stability. Australians don’t need to apply for a New Zealand tourism visa. If you intend on working or residing in New Zealand indefinitely, you can get a resident visa at the airport on arrival.

New Zealanders in Australia – a report

Australia has long been a popular destination for New Zealanders. For a long time, Australia was seen as having a more exciting cultural life, better job opportunities, and a better economy. Fortunes have changed, and less New Zealanders are moving to Australia than the other way round. You don’t need to apply for an Australian Visa if you’re travelling, as you will receive one on arrival. If you intend on working or residing in Australia indefinitely, you can stay indefinitely on your “temporary” visa.

The AUD/NZD pairing 

The NZD is the tenth most traded currency in the world, while the AUD is the fifth most traded. The exchange rate from NZD to AUD, and from the AUD to NZD, has mostly been favourable towards the AUD, due mostly to Australia’s stronger economy. Aus to NZ dollar is never too far off parity though. In the past 10 years, AUD1 has been able to purchase between NZD0.99 and NZD1.37, with an average of NZD1.19. TSmall changes can make a big difference too.


Few countries in the world have a closer relationship than the Trans-Tasman relations. In fact, in 2017, a major poll conducted in Australia by the Lowy Institute for International Policy showed that New Zealand was considered Australia’s best friend.

Approximately 70,000 Australian citizens are living in neighbouring New Zealand. Money transfer fees and exchange rates are inevitably going to make a big impact on expats’ pockets. Banks generally take advantage of their customers’ trust and charge exorbitant rates. They also hide fees in their inferior exchange rates. Using an FX transfer firm will save you thousands on fees, and will take away the stress of regular transfers. Australia has long been a more popular destination for New Zealand migration.

However, the trend is turning around, with more Australians now moving to New Zealand. The Australia to NZ dollar exchange rate is always relatively close to parity. Small changes happen to the pairing, which can have a significant impact on expats and investors alike.

Our FX Company Recommendation:

Transfer regulations

There are no restrictions on sending money to and from New Zealand. Any bureaucracy and anti-money laundering requirements are handled by the FX company that you use for your international money transfers.

The only aspect that you should be concerned about when transferring money to New Zealand is the exchange rate used by the company chosen to handle your international money transfer. Because historically the difference between the AUD and NZD has been so low, every 0.01% counts. The maximum difference between the two currencies in the last 5 years was about 0.10%.

The companies featured in our money transfer comparison at the top of this page, are all providing better exchange rates than the usual banks found in Australia and New Zealand.

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