Send Money from Australia to Philippines – Best AUD/PHP Rates

As an Australian expat living in the Philippines, or a Philippine expat living on the vast Australian continent, you’re often forced to send or receive money in your native currency. That’s when you realize that banks are the best crooks possible, as they are offering extremely high fees, plus exorbitant exchange rates on every international money transfer.

A great alternative to transferring money using banks is to use commercial FX Firms, which can not only give you better rates but also give you the peace of mind that your money is safe. Their rates are always transparent and you never run the risk of having to pay additional taxes and commissions.


Best Companies to Send Money Between Australia and the Philippines

Friendliest Website, Platform and Staff
Editorial Rating 99.6%
  • Very Friendly and Helpful Service
  • Very Easy to Register
  • Excellent Website
  • Experienced Staff
  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • Close to 100% Positive Feedback
  • No Trading App
Only in Australia
Min transfer
A$100 or eq.
Trading via
Australia United States United Kingdom China
Best Way to Transfer Money from Australia to Philippines
Editorial Rating 90.1%
  • Multi-Currency Debit Card
  • 0.5% FX Margin for Most Currency Routes
  • 84,000+ Reviews on Trustpilot
  • Market Leader in the Fintech sector
Min transfer
£/€/$ 1
Trading via
Australia United States United Kingdom China
+ 9 more
  • Belgium Belgium
  • Estonia Estonia
  • Hungary Hungary
  • Japan Japan
  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • Brazil Brazil
  • Ukraine Ukraine
  • Malaysia Malaysia
  • Singapore Singapore
Best Way to Transfer Money from Philippines to Australia
Editorial Rating 90%
  • 0.4% Overall Markup Reported
  • Highly Positive Client Rating
  • Low Flat Fees
  • Revolutionary P2P Marketplace
Min transfer
£/€/$ 8
Trading via
Australia United States United Kingdom China
+ 1 more
  • Ireland Ireland
Growing Fintech Competitor
Editorial Rating 89.9%
  • Clear Pricing Before Sign-Up
  • Excellent Reviews on Trustpilot
  • Cash Pickup Available
  • No dedicated currency dealers
Europe, UK
Min transfer
£/€/$ 1
Trading via
Australia United States United Kingdom China


Money Transfers in and out of the Philippines

There is no doubt that the Philippines real estate market is knowing staggering growth rates since 2010. This country has become a hotspot for real estate investors from Asia and Australia, growing by a steady average of 13% year-to-year. Because of this spectacular growth, more and more Aussie-based investors decide to buy houses and properties in Manilla and other big cities in the Philippines.

When purchasing a property in this country, the transfer costs through the bank could reach a staggering 2% of the total amount. This means that if you invest AUD 1m, you’ll probably pay over AUD20,000 in taxes. Conversely, using an FX transfer firm allows you to save over 70% in taxes, so you’ll end up paying around AUD5,000 instead of AUD20,000.


Aussies in Philippine – A Report

There are tens of thousands of Aussies living in the Philippine at the moment, most of them being relocated due to their jobs or because of their businesses. There are also a vast number of real estate investors who live both in the Philippines and Australia. They have moved here for various reasons, including job relocation, a more affordable cost of living, lower taxes and diversity of wildlife. Because Australia has a unique waiver scheme with the Philipines, Australians can visit the country for 59 days before relocating, or simply come as a tourist and spend up to 30 days without any document.

Filipinos in Australia – A Report

In Australia, there are over 300k Filipinos living at the moment. Their number continues to rise, as they find this country an excellent place to live. Most Filipino choose to live in Melbourne and Sydney, especially as these cities provide great opportunities to people looking for jobs. However, all Filipino require a visa and a passport to visit Australia or to relocate.

The AUD/PHP Pairing

Over time, we can notice that PHP, Philippines ’ Peso, has slowly gained over the AUD. If in 2010 AUD/PHP close at 41, now it closes at 32. Even if the AUD is the 5th most traded currency in the globe, and the PHP the 30th, it seems like the PHP is slowly making gains on the AUD.


With the growth of the Philippines real estate market and the increase of their national currency, most Australian investors see this country as a haven for their real estate projects. Even if 2020 might be a slower year for real estate investments and developments, the consensus amount investors is that this sector will continue to provide great returns meany years to come.

So whether you want to invest in the Philippines or you’re relocating to Australia, you can benefit from instant international money transfers and reduced exchange rates by choosing a commercial FX transfer firm over a bank. Even if you have a great deal with your bank and you somehow benefit from a no transaction fee transfer, you will still pay a lot more. That’s why we put time and effort into creating this money transfer comparison website.

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Transfer regulations

There are no transfer restrictions for sending money in and out of the Philippines. The only restrictions are for foreign transfers that exceed $10,000 which must be declared to the customs authorities. Also, everything that’s over PhP400,000 must be reported to the Anti-Money Laundering authorities.

The Filipino diaspora is so vast that it’s not hard to find a way to send money to Philippines, but most of the times it’s expensive. But when you talk about diaspora, most of the times you talk about remittances. And when you know how hard you worked to take care of people back home, every Dollarydoo counts.


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