Top 3 universities in Australia

Australia is becoming a very appealing option for students from around the globe to study. One of the primary reasons for this is that Australia offers another attractive English-speaking destination that is safe, has excellent schools, and wonderful travel opportunities within its territory. Starting your search for the top universities within Australia can be quite challenging. When looking for the ideal three universities  to investigate and apply to in Australia, consider the list below:


Australian National University

Australian National University is located in Canberra, Australia and is now ranked 20th in the world. The University is famous for actually being created by the Australian Parliament. The University also has many alumni that have ended up being Prime Ministers. In terms of University life, students have access to the opportunities that the Australian capital brings in terms of internships along with student clubs that have practical applications to Business and Information Technology.

The University has a total student population of 14,442 and 5,551 of those students are international students. For the Undergraduate Program, the fees range between AU$32,640 to AU$43,632 per year for international students depending on whether the student will be studying a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science program. For graduate programs, the fees range between AU$32,640 and AU$43,632 depending on the Master’s program that the international student selects.

In terms of top programs within the University, there is a focus on Computing Techniques & Software Informatics, Automatization and Management, Information Systems, and Information Security Systems. For Postgraduate departments, Computing Techniques & Software Informatics, Automatization and Management, Information Systems, and Information Security Systems areas of study are available as well.

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is located in Melbourne, Australia. The University has been established for over 160 years, has over 100 different fields of study, and attracts students from more than 150 countries. The University has a student population of approximately 42,000 and more than 12,000 of those students are international students. If you are looking for a University that has prestigious faculty both teaching and researching at the University, then the University of Melbourne is a fantastic place to study. Famous individuals such as David Boger and David Soloman are actively involved as faculty and researchers at the University.

In terms of areas of focus, the University of Melbourne excels in many areas to include: Life Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Law, Physical Sciences, Education, Social Sciences, Health, Computer Sciences, Arts/Humanities, and Business/Economics. The fees for international students in the Undergraduate program range from AU$27,808 and AU$81,952 per year depending on the program that the student selects. For the Graduate programs, the fees range from AU$9,880 to AU$170,336 depending on whether the student is opting for a traditional Master’s or long term Doctoral program path.

For students that are looking to study in one of the oldest universities in Australia that also have access to one of the best foodie, nightlife, and cultural experiences in Australia, it is highly recommended to look into studying at the University of Melbourne.

University of Sydney

Located in one of the most famous cities in Australia, the University of Sydney is currently ranked 4th in the world and fluctuates between 1st and 2nd in Australia. The University of Sydney was founded in 1851 and is the oldest University in Australia. The student population hovers between 42,000 and 43,000. The student population is made up with students from over 130 countries, many of which are members of the 280 different exchange programs taking place at the University of Sydney’s campus. This diverse student body makes for a wonderful student experience along with the fact that Sydney is one of the highest ranked cities for University students within Australia.

Due to the established history that the University of Sydney possesses, it offers established and world renown programs in the following fields: Agricultural/ Veterinary Sciences, Biological Sciences, Environment/Design, Chemical Sciences, Commerce/ Management, Creative Arts/Writing, Earth Sciences, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, History/Archaeology, Law, Health, and Information Technology.

The fees to attend the University of Sydney for their Undergraduate program range from $AU23,542 to $AU82,545 depending on the program the student selects. For Graduate programs, they can range between $AU15,693 to $AU78,954 depending on the nature of the Master’s program that they elect to study.


Final Remarks on the Subject

When trying to decide where to study in the world, it is highly recommended to consider studying in Australia. While Australia has many qualified universities to choose from, the top ranked universities in the country across the board are: Australian National University, University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney. When trying to decide which University in Australia is the ideal choice for you, it is wise to compare the field that you desire to study and which University is the best fit. Having conversations with alumni and current students is helpful to make sure you find the best University for you. Once you do so, you will find that studying in Australia can offer you a wonderful experience that will open up many doors in your future career.